Possibly That

A man with an orderly life is telling the story of a friend living in Italy whom he encountered twenty years back in his early forties. The said friend, unlike the narrator lives completely tormented by his children and the women of his life. He will be lost in a maze without actually ever finding an exit. The story of an obsession that will make the protagonist run all around the world. The writer, the narrator and the reader will follow him in his quest.
A polyphonic narration. The narrator who rarely meets the protagonist due to the physical distance between them. The unwilling storytelling of the protagonist about his intimate life, his thoughts. In addition, comments, observations, insinuations of others intertwine to weave this novel. The narrator openly challenges the reader even by questioning the mere existence of the protagonist. A tormented novel that confuses our sense of reality, our understanding of narration and fiction while tying and untying them.

Alakarga, İstanbul, 2020

A Known Face

A man with a known face. Everybody knows him by his features without exactly puting a name on it. An authoritarian figure that holds back people by his complexion that is already a collective image in the minds without being exactly recognised. In fact, this person is an aging actor who plays very small parts as a mobster, a grandfather, a killer, a industry mogul etc. His scenes are very short and his name never credited, he remains anonymous. His life is far from being this poweful figure. He would be taking the bus to go home, lives on a syndical salary, his life is a mess. Münir Göle is giving life to an interesting dilemma with many misunderstandings, false appearances, reflections, mysteries. A multilayered novel.

Alakarga, Istanbul, 2018

The Rumour

It is a book of essay. In this book Münir Göle is taking under a magnifying glass the mechanism of the rumour. He extends the subject from the simple gossip to urban legend. The origin of a rumour, its status in the social order, its credibility, its continuity, its deadline, its relation with the memory, internet era and much more are synthesised in this small book. It is definitely not a book of gossip, but a kind of longish essay to understand this phenomenon that we all are involved in one way or another.

Alakarga, Istanbul, 2016

Ways of Exit

Over a hundred very short stories where the protagonist is the suicide inspired by a quote of Montaigne who also taken the same from the philosophers of the Antiquity. Münir Göle, without ever mentioning the word ‘suicide’ tells many ironical stories taking this ‘terrible’ act lightly. At one side a sin, at another side the extreme expression of freedom, there are hundreds ways and reasons that push the person to commit suicide, not necessarily all very dramatic or easy. A tour in this not very easy landscape.

Can, Istanbul, 2015

Futile Situations

A book of essays in two parts. A love story told between the first glance and the separation, knit in essays through the subjects apparently as irrelevant as the sexual evolution, mirror, left-handedness, memory, anxiety, fashion, astrology, witchcraft, melancholy, etc. Then, a messy structure of essays that falsely appears without link between them, drawing a self-portrait of the author in search of the immutable essence of being.

YKY, İstanbul 2012

The Rip

Three novels on being ripped, a trilogy of mourning: exit, separation, severance. Under the shadow of the same woman, three men tell a different story. Their narratives link each other by drawing them apart with each step they take. A separation in time, too. The present, the past and the future are coming down with violence. A dark and provoking book.

YKY, Istanbul 2010

The Condition of Roads

A travel book, about wanderings to closer countries or to faraway ones? Not exactly. A book about the impossibility of travelling in fact, impossibility of travelling even while on the road. An inward look to the traveler rather than the visits of the tourist. A travel in time, in history, in storytelling. A journey about the journey, during a journey.

YKY, Istanbul 2010


A man is cursing the women while translating a story by Apuleius filled with women. By losing his temper, he is also losing his ability to keep his writing straight. Another man reads the latter’s writing over his shoulder and gently mocks and provokes him. The stories between women seen by men. A questioning about the existence of the clichés, about this unintelligible need of looking like everybody else at any cost. A book about the rewriting of the history, of the autobiography through the looking glass of the events of the present. A rereading of the continuously changing and moving past.

Can, Istanbul 2007


A journey  to the Azores. A journey in the solitude towards solitude. The stories, some real, some fictitious are intermingled, entangled. The traveler cross the landscapes trying to keep a journal. The journey and the journal exceed him. The traveler, as a tightrope walker, tries in vain to find the impossible balance between escaping and retreating back, between clinging and breaking off. The difficulty of belonging.

Can, Istanbul 2005

52 Sour Texts

In 52 short essays, an overview of the historical moments, of thoughts, of life. A reformulation, a redefinition of concepts. A challenge to the preconceived ideas, to accepted values, to absolute truths. A breath of fresh air towards freedom of being, but with a pout.

Sel, Istanbul 2002  Alakarga, Istanbul, 2018

The Yellow Envelope

A young man willing to become an artist. A young woman who accepts to exist by being attached to a man only. An encounter that seems very ordinary at first sight. A crossing of paths, an unexpected exchange of destinies. A short novel woven with silence, the things unsaid, in between the lines. A beginning that does not start, an ending that is not one.

Sel, Istanbul 2001

A Faraway Shadow

A man arrives from Istanbul, never named in the novel, to the city of Anna, Prague, unnamed too. All the ingredients of a beautiful love story. However, the chance encounter of Anna with her ex-lover wakes the monster of jealousy in her boyfriend. He will depart, literally and metaphorically, at the search of her past and the past of his second home. His guide will be Rudolf II, the melancholic, alchemical, lunatic king. A torture for searching himself, maybe even for finding. A nightmarish quest on memory and perceptions.

Afa, Istanbul 2000 (Can, Istanbul 2008)

The Book of Reflections

Seven short stories. A man between two women, a woman between two men, a man lost in his present, a woman who erases her past, a couple entangled in a sickly life and others. The memory, the time, the illusion, the freedom. Stories holding out the mirror to the reader. A confrontation.

YKY, Istanbul 2010 (Afa, Istanbul 1997)



“Nocturne” – Münir Göle

Editions de l’Aire, Vevey 2009

Streets of Istanbul

“Ehram Yokuşu” – Münir Göle

YKY, Istanbul 2008

Letters to the Underground
“from Münir Göle to Antonio Tabucchi”
YKY, Istanbul, 2013

Cem Sağbil / Münir Göle

Pouring Out
Cem Sağbil / Münir Göle

Translations from Borges, Onetti, Tabucchi, Fowles and others.

Over 100 articles, essays and writings for periodicals and reviews.

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